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Cleaning and Storing Your Brush


Your Myrtle Beach Dentist on Proper Brush Care

When you walk into the office of your dentist in Myrtle Beach SC, Dr. Latham, you may notice not only the warm atmosphere and friendly staff, but some of the most amazing looking and functioning dental technology on the market. And while you ultimately may not “know” what any of these tools really do…fear not, because that’s what we are here for!

One ultimate oral health tool that we know for a fact that you do know how to use and is currently residing inside of your home is your toothbrush. Using your toothbrush twice a day can be as powerful as some of the big machines we have in office when it comes to your oral health. Like our tools, integrity and cleanliness of the toothbrush matters in overall efficiency. So, how do you keep your toothbrush clean and strong for your regimen? Review our tips below:

The first step to take is a quite simple one. Before and after brushing make sure you wash the head of your brush off under hot water while stroking a thumb through the bristles. This combination of heat, flow, and motion should dislodge any lingering particles of debris still left on the brush.

Following that, storage is key. Place your toothbrush in a holder that allows for it to be upright and dry from natural airflow. Do not allow the brush head to come into contact with any other brushes or surfaces. Also, do not allow anyone else, no matter how close they are to you, to use your brush.

Lastly, knowing when to say goodbye is important too. Every 3-4 months you should be throwing your old brush out and replacing it with a new one. It is at this point that the bristles could become compromised to bacteria easier and also are starting to lose their strength.

For more information on good brushing habits, visit your Myrtle Beach dentist Dr. Latham at Fairway Dental today by calling (843) 839-9552.