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Dental Implants


For patients missing one or more teeth, and looking for security, stability, natural look and feel- dental implants are an amazing option. They may cost more and take longer to complete than other options, such as bridges or dentures, but they are the absolute best choice for lifelong replacement.

Multiple studies have shown that even after ten years, 95% of dental implants remain intact, where only about 89% of bridges are still functional at that point. Part of what makes that longevity possible is the titanium steel posts and ceramic-like crowns that comprise the implants. The titanium root-posts are surgically embedded into the jaw for safe anchoring, with the ceramic crown being affixed to the top of it. This is all to create a safe, secure, strong, and life-like tooth.

Unlike bridges or dentures. dental implants don't rely upon the surrounding teeth for support, and they actually help protect neighboring teeth by providing a solid foundation. Because they are implanted right into your jawbone, implants give the bone something to grow onto, reducing a chance of bone loss in the future. They are actually coated with a stimulant that promotes bone growth, so your body works with the post as it were a real tooth root..just stronger. Without this support, a vicious cycle of more and more bone loss can occur- leaving your with a toothless smile.

Dental implants don't just help when it comes to function, either. They are a way to improve your appearance substantially, thus boosting your confidence. With a natural looking smile and without the embarrassing chance that dentures could pop-out- you can smile free, without worry. Also, because they look and feel more like natural teeth, they don't require any uncomfortable adjustment stage, like some other options may.

If damage occurs to the replacement tooth, it can be restored or replaced without removal of the steel post. If cared for properly, your dental implants from your Myrtle Beach dentist can last as long as you do. Longevity matters when you’re talking teeth.